Quality Control

Manufacturing products that satisfy customers , Cariad strives in manufacturing quality control.

In the manufacturing system, Cariad has gathered a group of high-quality employees who are well versed in high-tech products and precision manufacturing. They have rich professional skills and many years of industry background, who perfectly reflects the meticulous process and exquisite technology of cutting-edge medical equipment and diagnostic reagents.

Based on advanced facilities, Cariad's manufacturing system uses 5S field management mode, unit production mode / flexible production mode and other management means to ensure product quality and meet the personalized needs of different customers. The company is engaged in a special industry which is closely related to human life and health.“ Product is character ", high quality products show not only loyalty to the cause, but also respect for life.

Cariad strictly abides by ISO13485 and other quality related laws,Which has played a important role in promoting the quality management.

While pursuing the core value of "quality is developed", Cariad also realizes that "quality consistency is produced” and brings the quality awareness of all staff into every process of manufacturing quality control.

To this end, from material procurement to product integration and even packaging and shipping, we have established a strict quality standardization system and effectively implemented it.

While strictly implementing the requirements of national standards / industry standards in product manufacturing and inspection,Cariad purchased advanced testing equipment according to the standards of national medical device testing center, established and implemented a set of enterprise internal control standards which are higher than national medical device quality standards so that we can strengthen product quality.

Cariad has established a series of quality assurance systems and measures, such as product recall system and defective product traceability system, which shows the integrity and respect for product quality of a mature enterprise.