Reproductive products series
Kit for Semen liquefaction (enzyme digestion method)

【Package specification】2 bottles / box (lyophilized powder)

【Intended use】This product is used for the pretreatment of semen samples, which can promote the liquefaction of semen samples and reduce the viscosity of semen.

【Detection principle】Under normal circumstances, semen is coagulated after ejaculation. Liquefaction factor secreted by prostate can make semen liquefy completely within 60 minutes. Under the pathological condition, when the liquefaction factors secreted by the prostate decrease, the lack of proteolytic enzymes in semen leads to semen liquefaction delay. By adding exogenous proteolytic enzymes in semen, the clot can be digested in a short time to promote semen liquefaction.

【Main components】The main component is chymotrypsin

【Storage conditions and validity】It can be stable for 12 months at 2-8 ℃; It can be stored at 2-8 ℃ for 15 days and - 20 ℃ until the end of the validity period after unsealing. Don't freeze and thaw the reagent repeatedly.