BLA-360 is a fully automated high accuracy seminal plasma analyzer, with the throughput of 360 tests per hour which is dedicated for high volume diagnosis. - Original Quality Control Calibrators - Liquid level detection - Collision avoiding - Liquid volume monitoring - Holographic diffraction grating technology - CV<5%


  • Precise Sampling Probe
    Precise Sampling Probe

    - External and internal mirror polished components for extremely precise syringes

    - Intelligent liquid level detection, collision avoiding and liquid volume monitoring

    - Real-time clot detection

    Cross-contamination prevention

    - Ceramic piston dispensing pump with excellent durability

    - Sample volume increments: 0.1μL, reagent volume increment: 1μL.

    - Intelligent pump cleaning, effective and precise micro-dispensing

  • Unique Mixing System
    Unique Mixing System

    - Spiral Teflon-coated mixer to prevent cross-contamination efficiently

    - Automatic frequency and speed adaption technology, adjustable and efficient mixing

  • Effective Cleaning System
    Effective Cleaning System

    - Cross-contamination and clot prevention

    - Cuvette cleaning with 4 probes in 8 steps, reduce residual rate

  • Intelligent Reagent System
    Intelligent Reagent System

    - Persistent refrigerated reagent bottle and intelligent temperature control (2-8°C), with better efficiency

    - Optional bar code system

  • Reliable Reaction System
    Reliable Reaction System

    - Solid direct warming temperature control technology, which provides stable temperature and accuracy ±0.1°C

    - Reagent, cleaner and water pre-warming system

    - Minimum reaction volume: 100μL

  • Advanced Optical System
    Advanced Optical System

    - Holographic diffraction grating technology prevents interference from stray light.

    - 12 steps wavelength:340~800nm, with matrix Photodetector

    - Photometric Modes: Monochromatic or Bichromatic

    - Clustered, long-lasting point light source

    - Direct photoelectric and digital conversion

  • Powerful Software
    Powerful Software

    - Quantitative study of semen biochemical parameters

    - Real-time consumable status display, graphical display residual reagent

    - Online reagent loading/unloading, automatic sample dilution, priority detection of emergency samples

    priority detection of emergency samples

    - Complete quality control management and intelligent reaction process monitoring

    - Customizable report system, online report printing

    - Multiple calibration types

    - HL7 protocol, LIS and HIS support