The RS-162 is a versatile fully automated sperm staining machine, able to handle 16 slides simultaneously and offering 10 customizable staining programs. This efficiency enhances laboratory productivity, reduces labor costs, and improves staining accuracy in reproductive medicine.
  • Specialize in Sperm Staining
    Specialize in Sperm Staining

    - Built-in 3 sperm staining programs: Papanicolaou, modified Papanicolaou and Diff-quik staining

    - Single-layer design with 16 slide positions, meets reproductive-related laboratory requirements

  • Efficiency

    - Standardized process, reduce the influence of human factors

    - Quantitative staining, reagent saving

    - Up to 10 definable staining programs

  • Full Automation & Labor Saving
    Full Automation & Labor Saving

    - Automatic operation & cleaning, no extra maintenance

  • Whole-process Monitoring
    Whole-process Monitoring

    - Visible and controllable during the whole process

    - Warning system for insufficient reagent volume