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An encounter of innovation with Cariad in Dubai's spring

Author:Cariad International Division Time:Feb. 09, 2023

From 6th to 9th, February 2023, Cariad Medical attended Medlab Middle East in Dubai. This exhibition is the first presentation of Cariad into the international market, and also a fruitful one.

Cariad’s diagnostic reagent kits and equipment for reproductive medicine, including Full Automatic Seminal Plasma Assay System BLA-360, Full Automatic Sperm Staining Machine RS-162, and Full Automatic CLIA Analyzer CLA-120, were showcased in this exhibition. Our new products, POCT Seminal Plasma Analyzer and Low-intensity Shockwave Therapy System SPE001, also made their debut in Dubai.

Our complete solution for reproductive medicine attracts more than 300 clients from over 60 countries. Clients from Thailand, Russia, Egypt and so on all show a strong willingness to further communication and establish cooperation with us.

Cariad will continue our global journey, though Medlab Middle East 2023 has come to an end.

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